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In our breeding brood only pedigree breeding animals with permission under the principle of racial = pedigree. You will not find in our breeding puppies without pedigree. It must be remembered that only a pedigree puppy ie the imprint gives us a guarantee of 100% of pedigree dog. Pedigree is not only unnecessary paper. What do we give? It gives 100% guarantee that our parents are beagle puppy. We guarantee that our little furry ball when grow not only remember what color beagle. We also know that the puppy's parents were assessed at least three times by three different judges at dog shows in the race at least once in an international exhibition. Parents of puppies do not have genetic defects rendering of breeding. Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surprises is to buy a dog in a kennel registered with the Kennel Club. If, however, you can not afford a dog with a pedigree Adopt "bidet" from the shelter. No booster pseudohodowców. Often end up in shelters beagle-type dogs that need a good loving home. It also happens that there are dogs with a pedigree, but they are usually very quickly Cottage.
The most common excuse for lack of pedigree, used by pseudohodowców

Traffickers - the barking and miauczącym - fervently ensure that the product offered by them is genuine. When asked for proof in the form of documentation culture, immediately admit that they do not, so it's not racial. But the mother of puppies is a hundred percent, "alsatian", "lablador" or other "lassie". And besides, no pedigree, because ... and here is one of the common excuses, sometimes abstract, sometimes silly, until his ears hurt, but it is almost always untrue.

First It's a terrible bureaucracy

Indeed. Registration farming as an economic activity (the project was legal) and therefore brings together farmers, sheet roofing, sheet litter, a review of the vet - and metric. As many as three documents that are supposed to prevent precious "breeders" of selling twice as expensive commodity. If it was only about breeding records, you would agree with them, but traders willing to give up especially for expensive genetic testing and mandatory testing.

Second The paper is very expensive

Metric by which you can at any time to form a pedigree, it costs 22 zł (the Kennel Club in Poland, the largest, though not the only organization of breeders of dogs). Other documents also groszowy expense compared even with half of young mothers during pregnancy.
3rd Compliance with the standard

If both parents are pedigrees and breeding rights acquired (ie assessments in compliance with the standard, and for many of races also compulsory health tests or utility), the young get a birth certificate, even if you have five claws and scales instead of fur. In the case of non-compliance with the standard breed pet simply will not be eligible for further breeding, and pedigree have the most to him.
4th The fifth / seventh of the litter

All young with reported litter (for which you need coverage card, card and an overview of breeding litter) shall SPECIFICATIONS. Even if born a dozen or more.
5th You will need to expose

Obligation to issue a typical distributed by pseudohodowców myth. In fact, racial pet, even after the greatest champions, you do not need or issue, or even develop his pedigree (from breeders obtained Imprint, based on which, at any time, you can earn pedigree). We do not have a record in any relationship.
6th Not worth a reported litter

Because only one / two young. So why bother with the bureaucracy? The trouble is that at the time of mating have no idea about the number of future litter, and once reported coverage can not be "canceled". So if there was no declaration (this practice necessarily applies to registered breeders, who, however, notify other objects), we are dealing with a scam planned in advance. Often it concerns nadprogramowego litter, the second in a year or fourth in females over two years for females. Such frequent deliveries are not permitted by the rules and kennel felinological organization as a pet destroy the body - resulting in weaker are obviously young.
7th In order not to bother bitch / cat exhibitions

If you visit the exhibition, which is being around people and other dogs, is for bitches torture, apparently it has problems with the psyche. Passing though three exhibitions, necessary to obtain breeding rights, there should be a balanced dog for any trouble. The entitlement culture where you can get the cat out of the show, which refutes another argument traffickers.
8th Literally later

If the metric is not kneaded, it will not be. Applications litter or breeding review can not be made back, so the lack of documentation at the time of issue of young people to their new homes provide only a spoof.
9th The animal is not a commodity

So you should not have a tag, certificate or receipt. From a moral point of view, there's some reason - after all, we want a friend, not a new kettle. Only if it's not a commodity, why the seller takes the money? Besides, is not a pedigree certificate of nobility or a guarantee of quality, but the list of ancestors necessary to conduct breeding wise. If, despite our lack of pedigree breeder will be able to provide evidence of the origin of certain animal ancestors, as well as relevant health research is in order. For now, however, found no such case.
10th No permission breeding

Finally the truth! No permission in animals with pedigrees - the most racist - usually a trader explains a minor flaw, such as a bad hair coloring or small defect occlusion. If the proof is in the form of assessment from the show, that's fine. Usually, however, does not that call into question its integrity and makes it more likely another reason for disqualification of culture: for example, aggression, anxiety, or an inherited genetic disorder.
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