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Historical Overview
British breed of hounds already existing in the fourteenth century, used for hunting in packs of fox and hare, was probably the crosses French hounds and terriers and Harriers. There are two theories of origin Beagle. The first, which tended Bourdon and Dutheil on the basis of ancient works of Xenophon, spoke about the ancient Greek praprzodkach hounds. They found their way to Britain with the Romans, where the dogs crossed the Normans. The second theory relates to two breeds of hounds from the South of France - Gascony and Saintonge. They were the beginning southern houndsom who came to England from the continent during the Hundred Years War.

A dog of medium size, with a strong and stocky build, it can not be heavy.

Head Beagle
Beagle dogs are likely to have a weight problem if they are not nutritionally suitable conditions ruchowe.Głowa is a medium-sized, strong, but not heavy, without wrinkles and folds; skull slightly arched, of medium width, with a slight occipital protuberance, stop clearly defined and not pointed muzzle, black nose, clearly umaszczonych dogs can be lighter with scissor bite.
The eyes are fairly large, not deep set or too prominent, widely spaced, with a gentle expression, dark brown or chestnut.
The ears are long, low set, with rounded ends, hanging down her cheeks.
The back is straight, chest deep, reaching to below the elbow, ribs well sprung and carried well back, loins short and strong, not too tucked up belly.
The forelegs are straight, firmly set in the chest, well muscled, well angulated shoulders, elbows firm, turning neither in nor too close, strong feet, toes tight.
Hind legs are muscular thighs, well bent stifles, hocks strong, low-placed, feet like forelimbs.
The tail is strong, of medium length, set high, carried gaily, but not curled over the back, well covered with hair, especially on the underside of the


Coat and coat
The coat is short and fitting. According to the FCI standard in Beagle "is allowed each coat hound, with the exception of liver, white tip of tail." "The most common type of color have a beagle tricolor.

 Behavior and character
Cheerful and lively, independent nature, has a tendency to vagrancy. Willing to play and tolerant of children.

Hound, hound, Scenthound, dzikarz to the company.

 Health and Care
The most common health problems of these hounds are:

problems associated with trauma,
infections that weaken the immune system,
disease as a result of genetic factors - you rarely meet individually diseases such as epilepsy, dysplasia and hereditary eye disease.
Due to the long, hanging ears, beagles are prone to bacterial or fungal those parts of the body and require careful maintenance. In addition to regular cleaning of the ears, beagles require a few treatments, which are limited to combing hair, bathing and periodic cleaning of the teeth, in order to avoid the deposition of tartar. In the case of dogs that lead very active lifestyles - they risk obesity.


Well fed and well cared for dogs can live up to 15-20 years.
In the television series Star Trek: Enterprise is a fictional dog Porthos, Captain Archer's pet, who is also a beagle.
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