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» National Dog Show Włocławek
02-09-2012 21:00
Beautiful performance of our Fanta at this show FANTASY Torun Czar - class - 1 lok, CAC, BOS
» National Valentines Dog Show Bydgoszcz
12-02-2012 22:49
FERNANDO Toruński Czar - working class - 1 CWC - best working beagle- BIS working dog 4 FANTASY Toruński Czar - working class - 1 CWC judge Andrzej Stępiński
» Night Dog Show Bydgoszcz
11-02-2012 22:45
FERNANDO Toruński Czar - working class - 1 CWC, BOS, BOB, BIS working dogs 3 BELLATRIX LESTRANGE Toruński Czar - champion class - 1 CWC judge L. Salomon
» International Dog Show Wrocław
14-09-2011 22:41
FERNANDO Toruński Czar - working class - 1 CWC FURIOSO Toruński Czar - junior class - 2 exc judge Grzegorz Weron
» International Dog Show Białystok
28-08-2011 10:01
Successful performance of our breeding dogs FERNANDO Toruński Czar - class - exc lok 2 FANTASY Toruński Czar - class - 1 exc CAC lok - tour FANTA began adult Polish Champion title
» Krajowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych Toruń
21-08-2011 09:55
At the show in our hometown show the dogs from our kennel Ferdek and FANTA and CASSIE and TRABOULMAKER sonny 's HEART IN BUTTONHOLE Toruński Czar. FERNANDO Toruński Czar - 1 exc CAC lok, BIS II working dogs - Ferdek thus began his journey to adulthood...
» International Dog Show Leszno
05-06-2011 09:51
This sunny Sunday spent at the International Show in Leszno. Attended by two dogs from our kennel and FANTA Ferdek both in the junior class. FANTA - Ferdek excellent - excellent - lok 1 - Youth Winner, Best Junior.  FERNANDO Toruński Czar - finis...
» Bloodhounds Regional Competition Łomża
21-05-2011 09:47
Our youth culture FANTA and Ferdek had its debut at the competition Bloodhounds. We are proud that so young dogs come true on the path of footprints. At the age of less than 14 months, both dogs passed a contest with a diploma degree.
» International Dog Show Opole
30-04-2011 09:42
FERNANDO Toruński Czar - junior class - excellent -2 place FANTASY Toruński Czar - Class junior - excellent
» Krajowa Wystawa Psów Rasowych w Grudziądzu
16-04-2011 09:38
The great success of our young dog FERNANDO Toruński Czar. Ferdek won the junior class, was best  junior in breed and best of breed. BOG 4
» International Dog Show Katowice
18-03-2011 09:33
At this show in Katowice showed the children of our Bella Ferdek and FANTA. FERNANDO in the junior class received second place with excellent,  while his sister was in junior class FANTASY 3 place - excellent judge Salvatore Tripoli.
» Night Dog Show in Bydgoszcz
12-02-2011 09:48
Another fantastic performance by our juniors. FERNANDO Toruński Czar - in the junior class of classes.Thus, in a big way Ferdek began his journey to the Polish Junior Champion. FANTASY Toruński Czar spell - in the junior class took 1st place with exce...
» Carnival Dog Show Gdańsk
16-01-2011 09:33
On this show we show two young beagle FERNANDO Toruński Czar and  FANTASY Toruński Czar both in the junior class. FERNANDO - took 3rd place and got an excellent FANTASY - took 1st place, excellent. and the title of Junior Winner - FANTA thus b...
» Republican Dog Show Marina Gorka
19-09-2010 12:24
On this show in Belarus demonstrated once again our Donia Charlotta Toruński Czar and again enjoyed tremendous success in the junior class won Youth Winner, Best Junior in Breed and 2nd BIS Junior Congratulations EAUGEN another success and we look for...
» National Dog Show Chorzów
12-09-2010 22:36
Once again, our beagle breeding was a huge success at the show in Chorzow FERNANDO Toruński Czar - baby class - wo-lok 1 - BEST BABY - BABY BEST IN SHOW IV
» National Dog Show Włocławek
05-09-2010 12:15
Another success of our beagles at a national dog show in Wloclawek FERNANDO Toruński Czar - baby class - wo-lok 1 - BEST BABY - BABY BEST IN SHOW 3 BRAVEHEART Xandrina - Class Champion - 1 - excellent - CAC - WINNER FANTASY Toruński Czar - baby cla...
» Internetional Dog Show Białystok
29-08-2010 12:47
CASSIE Obrowska Tradycja - working class - excellent - 1- CWC
» National Dog Show Toruń
22-08-2010 12:26
FANTASY Toruński Czar - baby class - very promising - 2 FERNANDO Toruński Czar - baby class - very promising - 2BELLATRIX LESTRANGE Toruński Czar - working class - excellent - 2BRAVEHEART Xandrina - champion class - excellent - 1
» Republican Dog Show in Minsk
15-08-2010 13:22
Beautiful performance by our girls Doni Charlotta Toruński Czar- junior class - excellent - Apt 1, CAC, BOB Junior, BIS Junior III of all races:) Congratulation EAUGEN such great debut exhibition
» Internetional Dog Show Sopot
15-08-2010 22:48
The huge success of our beagle at the International Dog Show in Sopot. FLORENCE Toruński Czar - baby class - very promising - Bellatrix daughter  FERNANDO Toruński Czar - baby class - very promising - BEST BABY - son of Bellatrix Bellatrix...
14-06-2010 10:31
National Dog Show In Koszalin BELLATRIX LESTRANGE Toruński Czar - working class - excelent 1 - CWC - daughter NUBIRA Gorzowska Panorama BRAVEHEART Xandrina - champion class - excelent 1 - CWC - WINNER ENIGMA Toruński Czar - puppy class -  very...
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